About Cascadia Quest Vision Quests

Cascadia Quest vision quests are usually nine days long and follow an ancient and well tested pattern. The three phases are:

Severance- Leaving behind or severing from what or who one was. The seminal work of this phase is to clarify and claim who one is NOW, in this time and place.

Threshold- The "in-between time". The challenge or trial. A two (youth) or three (adult) day solo fast. Three restrictions: no food (water only), no indoor shelter i.e. tent (fully available to wild nature), no other humans (solo).*  The fasting ceremony.

Incorporation- Taking on the new body or self. The process of understanding and living into the gifts of the prior two phases. Bringing it into the body of the person and the community. Incorporation is the final three days of the vision quest, and continues for a full year.

Following this ancient, pancultural content we strive to provide an experience that is relevant, meaningful, and authentic to us in this place and this time. By "us" we mean the Euro-Afro-Hispano-Asian-Other-mongrel mix that now overwhelmingly inhabits Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest) and the U.S.A. We respect the ceremonies of traditional peoples, and specifically do not do a Native American vision quest (e.g. Lakota "Hanblecheya").

Our vision quests are a modern day, nature based rite of passage (ROP), a ritual or ceremony that marks the passing from one life stage to the next. Vision fast, rite of passage, ceremony of transition, marking of maturation are other ways of naming or conceiving this ancient, distinctly human, and (we believe) necessary experience.

Do you feel a longing to connect deeply with Spirit, Nature, and Self?

Do you hunger for this type of supported, nature-immersed ceremony?

Do you feel like you missed something that should have confirmed your adulthood, womanhood or manhood?

Interested? Hear the Call? Give us a ring, or email, and see the Registration Page for more details about next steps.

* These restrictions can be modified to fit the individual if there is a strong need such as medical, psychological, safety, etc.