Men’s Vision Fast: July 27th- August 4th, a small group of men will go out to the desert questing for clarity, vision, and power. They will have to confront who they have been up until now, taking up essential topics including integrity, responsibility, accountability, and meaning in their lives. They’ll have to ask: Who am I? What does it mean to be a man? What is my contribution to my community and to the world? As part of a supportive circle of brothers, they’ll go alone onto the land for 3 days without food or shelter, praying for strength and vision. They’ll be welcomed back to a community eager to hear their stories and the gifts contained within. For many it will be the rite of passage into manhood they’ve been longing for. Do you or someone you know hear that call? Inquire ASAP.
Guides: Rob Miller and Praveen Mantena

Mixed Gender Vision Fast: Sept 14-21, 2018

The Vision Quest is a modern day wilderness rite of passage. It engages one's entire being, requiring each participant to strongly claim their whole self. It is a nine day journey of Nature, Spirit and Community including three days and nights of fasting and solitude in wild nature plus follow-up support.


  • Those who hear a call.

  • Those who are ready to claim their birthright of initiation into adulthood, or elder hood.

  • Those who are ready to mark a major life transition such as marriage, divorce, entering parenthood, change of job, loss of a loved one, health crises, etc. 

  • People like you and me.

Interested? Hear the Call? Give us a ring, or email, and see the Registration Page for more details about next steps.

Max. Group Size: 8

Cost: $1,200-1,500. Includes breakfasts and dinners.

Guides for Men's Vision Quest: Rob Miller and Praveen Mantena

Guides for Women's Vision Quest: Silvia Talavera and Jenny Russell (beginning in Summer of 2019)

Guides for Mixed Gender Vision Quest: Rob Miller and Silvia Talavera

I returned from the vision quest with a greater sense of my need for community, knowing my gifts, how I contribute, and a greater sense of my place in the world. I brought back to my community much more than I set out to find.
— Talicia Brown, 2010 Vision Quest Participant