Community Supported Rites of Passage

In traditional cultures across the globe, until quite recently and still in some places today, a young person was sent out from their community, went through a rite of passage led by mature adults and elders of that community (though not their parents), then returned to that community with the gifts they received through the transformative process.

At Cascadia Quest we seek to re-establish that traditional cycle and ethic: Support young people and adults in finding their purpose, power, and vision through wilderness rites of passage, and benefit from the gifts they return with. There are several ways you as part of your community can join in this transformation, and support your youth and adults:

-Identify those people ready. Tell them, or their parents/guardians, about this or other rites of passage. Share information with them.

-Support those participating in rites of passage energetically. Encourage them, bless them, pray for them, hang out with them, ask for and hear their stories and the gifts within.

-Support them financially. Small to large donations of money directly to that family or individual for their registration fee is an incredibly meaningful and impactful statement of support.

-Give someone who works for you time off and blessing to go out into the wilderness, to grow, and to bring back what they receive to your organization.

-Financial contributions to Cascadia Quest buoy us, make this work possible, and support all families and individuals involved.

-Show up for their send off, return, and especially Welcome Home Ceremony. Witness them. Receive their gifts.

For Communities, Organizations, and Businesses

We are evolving a program of community supported rites of passage for communities, organizations, and businesses that basically follows the above pattern.

Engage (or form) your elders group, management team, etc. to look for those young people, parents or guardians of young people, or adults ready for this type of experience. Talk to them about it. Come up with a plan.

-Collect funds from members, do a fundraising/funraising activity, offer time off (unpaid or paid), allocate well-being funds, etc.

-Support them energetically through their participation. Encourage them, bless them, pray for them, hang out with them, ask for and hear their stories and the gifts within.

-Show up at their Welcome Home Ceremony and/or organize one within your group. Hear their story.

-Receive and benefit from their gifts. Because each person typically returns from their journey with greater solidity, self-knowing, purpose, vision and power- they strengthen and benefit that organization, community or business.

-It is difficult to overstate just how meaningful and moving a financial contribution to an individual or family for their rite of passage can be. It greatly inspires the desire to serve, give back, and pay forward to others. This isn’t a reason to give, but rather a sign that the selfless gifting of kindness and good will tends to bring more kindness and good will into the world.

If you are part of a community, organization, school, or business and would like to explore a community supported rite of passage program for yourself, or others, please contact us.