GRieving ceremonies

We host at least two grieving ceremonies a year.

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There is so much to grieve! Loss of a loved one, pain and illness, national and global crises, isolation, mass shootings, environmental devastation, loss of a place, anxiety-producing presidential pronouncements…all of these and more affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Places to be listened to deeply and compassionately are uncommon. Places to express the visceral sensations of grief in a safe, well-held communal context are even more rare.

Our Grieving Ceremonies are just such a space. It is a day-long, well facilitated ceremony to cleanse grief and allow joy, aliveness, clarity and strength to emerge. In this way we become ready to actively create a more sane, sustainable, and healthy world.

These ceremonies are based on traditional patterns of ceremonial grieving brought to our community by ritualist, Sobonfu Some. They include talks about grief and its impact on individuals and the community, small group sharing, an extended and cathartic grieving time, compassionate witness, song sharing, and support in taking practical steps to make change.

The grief ceremonies we offer at Cascadia Quest are contemporary, bioregionally appropriate grieving spaces. They are based on traditional patterns of ceremonial grieving. Though a unique creation, they are strongly influenced by the teachings of Sobonfu Somé, a pioneer in bringing African healing ritual to the Western World. These ceremonies allow for the safe, healthy expression and releasing of grief. Common results are feelings of ease, lightness, relief, empowerment and smiles. We hope you'll join us.