Mentor Training


This is an experiential training to deeply understand mentorship particularly in a wilderness context.  Participants will be both mentor and mentee. There will be a focus on working through each mentors “stuff” around adolescence so that they can show up most fully for teens. Topics covered will include: what is a mentor, what is mentoring, the practice and facilitation of council, the basics of mirroring, storytelling, understanding teens, developmental stages, the medicine wheel and its uses, owning one's power, working with emotion, and more…

This 4 day, 3 night training happens in a beautiful semi-desert area in Central Oregon.  It is appropriate for anyone mentoring or working with youth or adults. This training is mandatory for anyone mentoring with Cascadia Quest.

Participants are responsible for their own food and gear.

Date: May 22 - 25, 2020


       New mentors  $350-$500 sliding scale

       Returning mentors $200-$400 sliding scale

Guide: Rob Miller