About Mentoring

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Our Mentor Teams for the 2018 Young Women's and Men’s Initiations are full. 

For 2019, we need initiated men (Vision Fast, other Wilderness Rite of Passage, MKP, etc.) of any adult age who are mature, grounded, and willing to commit to a youth and mentor group for one year. We are seeking mentors in the Cascadia region, mainly from Eugene, but also Corvallis, Seattle, Portland, and the Oregon Northwest Coast. Please send this to anyone you know who might be the right person.

A mentor is an older, respected, trusted friend. S/he is someone the young person can go to to speak with, confide in, seek advice, receive encouragement, and more. The mentor believes in the young person, and sees their innate goodness and potential. Mentorship is a very important relationship with a newly initiated young person.

Mentorship is also a critical element for the effectiveness and longevity of rites of passage. The mentor team provides on-the-ground physical support and psycho-social-spiritual support during the initiation. Mentors are positive role models for the initiates: walk your talk, speak your truth, act with integrity, and simply be yourself.

The mentor team is a personal growth path. The monthly phone conferences and three-day training weekend (May 24-27, 2019) will help mentors explore growth edges, heal unfinished pieces from adolescence, learn or hone survival skills, and stand firmly in their power. Mentors grow and are empowered just by showing up and being in the energetic field of the youth and each other.

Mentoring is fun, fulfilling, challenging and a great gift to both the mentee, mentor, & community. Contact us as soon as possible if interested.

Time Commitment:

  • 7-10 hrs per month with mentorship circles, activities, and a mentor’s phone call

  • Take part as a mentor in the Young Men’s’ Initiation June 22 - June 30, 2019 or the Young Women's Rite of Passage July 27 - August 4, 2019.

  • Mentor training May 24 - 27, 2019 ($350-500 sliding scale for new mentors, $200-$400 for returning mentors)

  • Monthly & biweekly preparatory calls March thru July

If interested, please contact either Rob Miller 458-201-2868

For 80 seconds of inspiration about being a mentor: