The Art of Mirroring

Mirroring is a unique form of creative expression that empowers a person with a deeper, clearer picture of themselves, and their gifts. Mirroring seeks to draw out what is beautiful, strong, healing and powerful in a person’s story, in the most artful, authentic and heartfelt way. At its best, it can be peerless in magically weaving together an individual’s journey, the collective story of a group, and the timeless, mythical narrative of Life. 

Many report finding mirroring to be the most profoundly impactful and transformative part of their wilderness quest experience. It is the place where their ceremony, their solo time and their whole life to date comes together, integrating into a deeper level of awareness and inner strength. We consider it an essential tool for guides, coaches, counselors, and anyone in the fields of healing, personal growth, adult maturation or mentorship.

The Art of Mirroring is a seven-day wilderness deep dive into this practice led by rites of passage guides Rob Miller and Praveen Mantena in the beautifully expansive eastern Oregon wilderness. Incorporating the medicine wheel and solo walks out in nature, participants will be both subjects and objects of the transformative experience. With each passing day you will grow your own facility, range and expression in the art of listening, sharing and reflecting on sacred stories.

Guides: Praveen Mantena and Rob Miller

Max Group Size: 14

Dates: May 6-12, 2018

Cost: $1,200-$1,600

(includes breakfasts and dinners of delicious, local organic meals)


Make inquiries with as much advance notice as possible to get the most from your experience and assure a space. Most offerings take place in wilderness areas in Central Oregon.