Rob Miller is the lead guide, program designer, and director of Cascadia Quest. He is a wilderness guide, ceremonialist, wildcrafter, council leader, loving parent, and fun-loving instigator of radical and sustainable earth-based culture change. He guides and teaches rites of passage, other growth activities, primitive skills and more for Cascadia Quest and other nature and community based organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2018, Rob will guide the Young Men's Initiation, Mixed and Men's Vision Fasts, mentor the Four Seasons of Leadership and co-facilitate several Grief Song Ceremonies.



Silvia Talavera

Silvia Talavera has been a guide with The School of Lost Borders since 1993. Silvia has also been a guest guide with Wilderness Reflections. She is a woman of versatility, passion, and humor, inspiring people towards self- empowerment.  She brings to her work a nurturing insight, a deep compassion, a love of nature and teaches from the experience of a full life. Silvia is committed to supporting people in transitions using nature-based teachings in a wilderness setting as well as midwifing those who are in their final stage of life through Hospice. Silvia is a mother, grandmother, and mentor and continues to work as a rites of passage guide and a Hospice nurse. In 2017 is guiding for Cascadia Quest and is a member of our Elders Council.

In 2018 Silvia will be co-guiding the Mixed Gender Vision Fast and the Young Women's Rite of Passage.


A wilderness guide and leadership mentor, Praveen started his journey, like many others, as a young adult struggling to find his way in the world and feeling dissatisfied with the default options. During his own rite of passage, he discovered for the first time his calling into a deeper, more personally meaningful service to the world as a guide and mentor to others in a similar struggle. He is now committed to bridging the self-discovery practices and natural openings that happen in a wilderness rite of passage with the realities, challenges and opportunities of our more urban, fast past-paced lives.

He originally received his training as a guide with the School of Lost Borders with whom he has co-guided over a hundred people in the winter, summer and fall vision quests. His other recent facilitation work includes the Mankind Project New Warrior Training Adventure and mentoring inner city male youth into adults with Boys to Men of Washington DC.

In 2018 Praveen will be co-guiding the Young Men's Initiation and the Men's Vision Fast.


Laurence Cole leads group singing at festivals, fairs, conferences, and convergences. He is a respected elder with long involvement in grief work, men's work, and many other aspects of healing and enlivening the human spirit.

He loves to facilitate the co-creation of beauty, meaning and passion through harmonious sound and juicy rhythm. He enjoys witnessing the delight that humans find in ecstatic engagement with each other as they celebrate the depth and heights of their aliveness.